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Plasma TV, LCD TV, High-definition television, News And Information
Plasma TV:
Are one of the most popular forms of display for HDTV. The Plasma display panel was invented by Donald L. Bitzer and H. Gene Slottow in 1964 for the PLATO Computer System at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Pioneer, 1997, started to sale the first Plasma TV to the public. The largest Plasma display, measured 103" and was made by Matsushita Electrical Industries (Panasonic), in the world was shown at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in 2006.


High-definition television (HDTV):
Date: 03/29/2006
Buying a Plasma TV
Once you make up your mind to buy a HDTV there are two basic options: LCD and plasma. Consumers who want ultimate picture tend to stick with plasma even thou plasma have a reputation for only lasting about 7 years on average. Some tips:
1. Stick to the highest resolution you can find.
2. Go for the biggest screen size you can afford.
3. Go for as many connections as possible.
4. If it says "HD Ready" either keep looking or make sure it's got a real low price tag.
Date: 03/22/2006
Plasma TV or LCD TV: How Size matters.
What will the consumer choose as there next television? We know it will probably be big and flat, but which technology will be better Plasma or LCD. Old CRT (cathode-ray tube) are quickly becoming obsolete as high-definition LCD (liquid crystal display) and plasma televisions become more affordable. LCD televisions mostly have the market for flat-panel televisions less than 40 inches, while Plasma is more suitable for the bigger televisions size.
But as cost of manufacturing LCD screens becomes more cheaper, they will start to cut into the market for bigger televisions. LG Electronics. LG, is the world's leading LCD company and the second behind Panasonic for largest plasma TV.
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Plasma TV, LCD TV, News And Information