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Bollywood Actresses Picture Gallery TAG_PERSON_NAME Mallika Sherawat On Cover Of Maxim India
Date: 01/16/2007
Mallika Sherawat will be featured on the cover of Maxim India January 2007 issue. The photo might be the boldest photos of Mallika to date.
Bollywood Actresses Picture Gallery Amisha Patel Amisha Patel On Cover Of Maxim Dec 2006
Date: 01/01/2007
Amisha Patel has been choosen to be on the cover of Maxim India for the December edition. She is shown in the most hottest outfits showing of her curves. Her career took off fast with a great couple of movie but since has slowed donw considerably.
Bollywood Movies Latest News Actresses Shilpa Shetty Shilpa Shetty On Cover Of OK Magazine
Date: 05/15/2006
Shilpa Shetty will on the cover of the first issue of Europe’s OK magazine launching its Indian version. The photos are being shot by Vikram Bawa and include indoor shoots with Shilpa posing on a couch, floor and even in a bathtub. Outdoor shots were taken in a park and by poolside, and one shot has Shilpa Shetty wearing fiery red dress and posing on a luggage trolley.
Bollywood Maxim Actresses Kareena Kapoor Now it's Kareena On The Cover Of Maxim
Date: 02/01/2006
Kareena Kapoor , daughter of the Randhir Kapoor, will be on the February cover of Maxim India. He follows Priyanka Chopra whom was on the first issue of Maxim. The magazine will also include an exclusive bikini shoot of a famous model and ex-Mrs. India Naina Dhaliwal.
Kareena Kapoor Maxim Pictures
Bollywood Movies Latest News Actresses Kareena Kapoor Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor on Indian Idol
Date: 02/01/2006
Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor are scheduled to the guest judges on the Sony TV Show Indian Idol 2 on February 06, 2006. Kareena Kapoor will also be featured on the February edition of Maxim to follow the apperance of Priyanka Chopra on the cover of the 1st issue of Maxim in January 2006.
Bollywood Movies, Latest News, Actresses Priyanka Chopra Priyanka to appear in Maxim
Date: 01/03/2006
Priyanka Chopra has been selected to appear on the cover, in a red revealing outfit, of the first international men's lifestyle magazine to enter India, Maxim. The magazine is available in major Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore and will provide information on celebrities, sports, movies and the auto industry.
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