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Sonam Kapoor Maxim India January 2012 Sonam Kapoor On Cover Of Maxim India January 2012 Issue
Date: 01/16/2012:
Sonam Kapoor is being featured on the cover of January 2012 edition of Maxim India . The photos will be part of the Maxim India January 2012 edition.

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World News, Technology News:
A New Jersey native mother gave birth to a baby on the PATH commuter to New York. 31 year old woman, Rabita Sarkar, was going to get a check up in Manhattan, since the baby wasn't due yet, but I guess the baby was faster then the train. An elderly woman instructed the first time father through the process of the delivery. The baby came out safely, one young girl offered her coat to keep the baby warm as the biggest concern for officials was the baby's warmth. What another miraculous event in the world!

Sport News:
After nine years of 0 playoff appearances, the 49ers made the NFL playoffs this year, got the first round bye, and beat the best offense in the NFL, New Orleans Saints, all under rookie head coach, Jim Harbaugh. It was a down to the wire high scoring match in which both teams had their ups and downs throughout the game. Both teams scored two TDs in the final 4 minutes, including the game winner by Alex Smith to Vernon Davis in the final grueling seconds of the game. Vernon Davis had a career day, 180 yards and two important touchdowns. Drew Brees had 462 yards and 4 touchdowns but he wasn't enough to overcome a stingy 49ers front seven as he was sacked 3 times.

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