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Bollywood News: Headlines Of The Week:

Salman Khan Salman Khan Going To USA For Surgery
Date: 08/26/2011:
Salman Khan has been sufferring from Trigeminal Neuralgia (also known as prosopalgia, the Suicide Disease or Fothergill's disease) and Aneurysm for the past seven years. This weekend, Salman Khan will fly to US to get a second medical opinion. His next movie, Bodyguard (2011) is due to release on Eid, August 31, 2011. The movie also stars Kareena Kapoor.
Trigeminal Neuralgia (also known as prosopalgia, the Suicide Disease or Fothergill's disease) is a neuropathic disorder characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face, originating from the trigeminal nerve. It has been described as among the most painful conditions known. The pain may be felt in the ear, eye, lips, nose, scalp, forehead, cheeks, teeth, or jaw and side of the face.
Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor To Play Three Roles in One Film
Date: 08/25/2011:
Shahid Kapoor will be playing three roles in his upcoming movie Teri Meri Kahaani (2011). This will also bring him back with actress Priyanka Chopra with whom he last starred opposite in Kaminay (2009) back in 2009.
Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor to Lock Lips?
Date: 08/22/2011:
In Bollywood movies today, locking lips on the screen is not a new thing but when the news of kissing on screen is made public, it gets a lot of media attention. Sometime such news is just rumors and sometimes it is true, but this is only known after the movie has been released. Recent news headlines have it that, Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have performed an intimate kiss scene in their upcoming movie, Mausam (2011) . Initially, Sonam was hesitant on the kissing scene but director Pankaj Kapur was able to convince the actress for the passionate lip-lock in his film. Now only time will tell if such a kissing scene was taped and if taped is part of the movie.

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